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Visual Consultants, Inc (VCI) has dedicated Practice focusing on Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries. Our solutions cover various Strategic, Tactical, Regulatory and Operations systems

  • Electronic Medical Records Transcriptions
  • Security Implementation
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Project Outsourcing & Customer Relationship
  • EBusiness solutions & System customization

As decision-makers in the healthcare business, you grapple with challenges, imperatives and trade-offs that are shaping the competitive dynamics of the industry:

How can administrative costs and overheads be controlled while improving patient services and overall efficiency?

How can healthcare be made more consumer-centric without adding to delivery costs?

How can spiraling IT costs be reined in so that resources are available for making new investments in technology to create competitive leadership capabilities?

For the last 4 years,VCI has been working with payers, providers and BCBS's to help them become more competitive.