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The facts from Gartner:

  • Over 60% of all companies still process, store and retrieve documents manually.
  • 80% to 95% of enterprise information is located within paper and electronic documents.
  • 25% of enterprise documents are misplaced and will never be located.
  • 30% of Gartner Group clients store more than 50% of their documents on local hard drives or floppy disks.

What’s wrong with Paper?

  • It’s relatively expensive.
  • It’s dumb: data cannot be ‘mined’ or searched for business intelligence.
  • It’s slow: you print it, post it, someone opens it, routes to someone else that pushes ?it around a desk for a week and finally decides to process, file or bin it.
  • It’s inefficient: normally its contents require re-keying and those who need it can’t easily find and share it.
  • It creates business process bottlenecks – a key business growth inhibitor

Gartner concludes that document mismanagement claims:

  • 40% to 60% of office workers’ time
  • 20% to 45% of labor costs
  • 12% to 15% of corporate revenue

So how do you get your organization’s documents and document processes under control? VCI offer consultation and approach the following ways to deliver an effective documentation and tracking:

Phase 1: Investigation and discovery
Phase 2: Evaluate what it’s worth
Phase 3: Scope out a solution
Phase 4: Implementation