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Business Portal:

  • A portal may also bring together business interests within certain industry areas to create critical mass for their particular goods and services. For the medium to large organization though the portal is often the best way to provide common access to resources useful for staff and partner companies.

Corporate Portal:

  • The Enterprise or Corporate Information Portal (EIP or CIP for short) is typically the gateway to electronic information held by an enterprise and the core location to access and interact with the associated applications. This may be available only to the enterprise in the case of an intranet or to business partners and selected customers outside of the organizational walls in the case of the extranet.

Types of Portals:

  • External Portals (Customer Self-Service (customers))
  • Extranets (customers, partners, employees)
  • Internal Portals Employee Portal (all employees)
  • Knowledge Worker Portals (a portal aimed at a particular role)

Benefits of having a Portal:

  • A single gateway to essential information and applications for internal or external users.
  • A central point to view on-line catalogues and competitive information
  • A location where orders can be placed and processed
  • A focus for to simplify and integrate processes and procedures that would normally require paperwork or research in multiple areas